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Breaking News: runDisney Bib Packet Pick Up Change Delayed

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You asked, they listened. Okay, we may have whined and complained a lot, but still… they listened!

This is why I love runDisney.  If they make a mistake that can be corrected, they do so.

New bib packet pick up goes into effect with Avengers Half Marathon.   #SmashTheHalf will be the first time YOU must pick up your own bib/race packet.
The old policy is still in effect through the Wine and Dine Half.  
Thank you, runDisney.  Thank you for listening to concerns and making it right. You empower your runners in many ways and this is just another example.  I can’t express how much we appreciate it when you listen to our concerns and do your best to address them.

I said all along I thought the policy was fair, just not the way it was enacted (the sold out races being affected.)  I’m happy to see that runDisney understood those concerns.   See you on the course!

Read the full announcement HERE.

What are your thoughts on this reversal?  Do you agree with the announcement?

Sharing is caring!

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