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Avengers Waiver and Corral Information Officially Released

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Yesterday I found some exciting information about this race: runDisney put out a call for Marvel cos-players in the LA area for the event.

Avengers shirts

This is obviously not a secret since the groups are public and links readily available, but it hadn’t crossed my mind that we might get characters OUTSIDE the parks!  Think about it- stations and stations of Marvel Universe cosplayers all along the course.  It made my geek girl jump for joy when I thought of the implications.

Possible WHOMP WHOMP though: there’s a big renesaince faire going the same weekend and apparently many super heroes and villains pull double duty as knights and ladies.  But I have fingers crossed we see a good smattering of characters at Avengers in a couple of weeks!

Here’s the links and information you’ve been looking for.

Avengers Medals

Grab your waiver HERE

Then find your corral here!

avengers 2014 corral

Are you ready to #SmashTheHalf?

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