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Sum It Up Sunday – July 28

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

I may have said that once before.  A little melodramatically back then.  And well, today too. But it’s accurate again to describe my week.

T25 Week 2

There was no week 2.  About that…

Pretty sure this is the look I’d get when I explained all my “reasons” this week. I hear ya, Shaun.  You’re not impressed. And frankly, neither am I.  In myself- not in the workouts.  Your workouts still rock.

“Reasons” I didn’t workout
My last run was Sunday. It was slow, I promise, but I probably shouldn’t have done it. My leg had been bothering me all week and to top it off, I tripped and fell while running that beautiful, distracting trail.  What a dumb ass. 

Since then my leg has really been acting up. The IT Band, if you haven’t heard of it, is a common area for runners to injure. It’s the only place I have issues with (other than my head of course) when I run.  I first experienced the pain in May 2013 and tried to fix it myself. Dr. Google and all that.  After a month  I realized I didn’t have the skills to deal with this myself, so I ended up in Physical Therapy with the awesome hands of Amanda working on me.

This time, I didn’t hesitate, I called and made the arrangements to get an appointment.  And as you can guess, due to insurance and clinic procedures, it took a lot longer than I wanted it to.  It’s on Tuesday.  Two weeks after my first pains and symptoms, I’ll be seeing Amanda and hoping she can work some magic.  Last time, I wasn’t able to run for 3 weeks.  Yeah.. that’s going to be a problem…

since I’ve got this little thing called Dumbo Dare happening in 5 weeks.  I’m still planning on going, still planning on doing it, but planning on much more of a long ass walk than a run at this point.  Just hoping my plan and Amanda’s plans can link up and be on the same track.

Speaking of tracks- I’m way off track.

“Reason” two goes hand in hand with reason one above.  When the train makes an unexpected stop on my fitness journey, I can’t seem to change course.  Instead, I take the whole train off the track. Derailment big time.

Oh, I manage it.  Every. Flippin. Time.

When I don’t work out, I don’t eat well.  They go hand in hand with me. This week wasn’t awful, since I had prepared for this chance by NOT stocking anything in the pantry that could do harm.  But it wasn’t the greatest either.  I did not gain, nor lose, this week.  So it’s a wash.  But I feel like crap.  I know the nutrition is not what it was the first week.

Why can’t I do one OR the other?  I don’t know.  I just don’t.  I’m a big fan of control and schedules, so when one thing slides out of my control, I tend to epically melt down and give into the forces of whatever that want to take me down.  I’m doing better though.  I’m pushing the train back on the tracks this weekend.

So far we’ve covered the worst of times… lets now talk about the best times, shall we?

Food Prep
I actually did it this week.  YAY ME!  My fridge has some pre-cut fruit and veggies ready to go.  My kitchen is prepped to do some cooking for the week all day today.  Slow cooker with a full chicken has already started.  I’ll be making some lean and green meals ready to grab and heat for the week ahead

Yoga, Stretch, Abs

Done. I may not be able to do the cardio or jumping around that comes with the T25 work outs right now (really babying the leg until I get a plan from Amanda) but I CAN do other things.  Choo- choo… train moving back onto the tracks, right?

The stretching, yoga, lunges and squats include a lot of the moves I was given last time my leg gave out on me, so I feel ok doing these until I see the PT.  And abs- I mean, you can always do ab work, right?

Dumbo Dare Waivers
While not officially posted on runDisney, the link to the Disneyland Half weekend waivers has been found.  Now we wait to see what corral those numbers equate to.  Have you checked yours? It suddenly got really real yesterday!

Tower of Terror Map
runDisney got sneaky this weekend.  Course map is up on the website.  Don’t get too excited.  Looks like the same course as last year.  If you ran it before, you know what to expect.

Sparkle Skirts
All kinds of fun stuff is happening here.  Our Twitter account is updated and back in use!  There’s also some really great skirts are coming out of Lakeland, and I’ve been having fun coming up with new costume ideas for them. Here’s a favorite for you:

I really LOVE my job.

Discounts for Disney World Travel
Rumor has it that free dining will be announced this week.  Plus room only fall discounts.  I know you want all the details on those! But if you are looking for a fantastic deal (or two!) don’t forget that my pal Jenn at Destinations in Florida has the #VIP package just for you Princess runners.

She just shared this amazing deal with me… and I of course will pass it on to you.

We can offer you exclusive group rates for at Disney World December 5-8.  Accommodations at Pop Century, Coronado Springs, and Animal Kingdom Lodge. You can add tickets as well. These are the lowest prices you will find anywhere for tickets, including the exclusive After 2 and After 4 PM tickets. Plus, book at least a 2-Day ticket and get a free day to play at the Disney‬ water parks or DisneyQuest.

You planned on taking advantage of one of the lowest crowds and best weather weeks of the year anyway, right? Might as well take advantage of these excellent prices as well!  I’ve stayed at Pop and Coronado Springs, and can give an enthusiastic thumbs up to both resorts.  If anyone wants to sponsor a trip to Animal Kingdom Lodge for me, I’d be happy to give it a review as well.  Anyone? Bueller…

Get your quote today- make magic happen.  Contact Jenn HERE. If you want to know why I recommend working with a travel agent, check out my reasons on this post.

There you have it- the worst and best of my week. How was your week?  What’s your best and worst this week?  If you have a running brag I PROMISE not to cry and weep out of jealousy (too much anyway…) 

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Tuesday 30th of July 2013

Congrats on your prep!! I really need to get back to doing that! And OMG I love the costume idea!

Carla M

Monday 29th of July 2013

Sorry you are dealing with injuries! But you will rock's Disney after all!! I was sidelined for 2 weeks with severe vertigo and had my first training runs outside this weekend. I was frustrated and may have shed a tear or two. I know I will finish the Dumbo Double may not be the pace I want, but I will finish with a smile on my face! (Even though I'm an Aggie, we'll have to meet up at Disney- I mean we're both Texans afterall ;-) )


Monday 29th of July 2013

Oh no!! I hope you recover quickly!! Running injuries are no fun at all!


Sunday 28th of July 2013

I'm digging your Sunday Sum it Ups. Plus a Ryan Gosling Hey Girl is a double bonus. This week shall be better!


Monday 29th of July 2013

Thanks Tania- for the feedback, for reading, and for <3 Ryan. ;)

Bonnie Santaguida

Sunday 28th of July 2013

Sorry to hear about your injury. You will get back on track with your diet. Just take it one day at a time. I need to subscribe to the don't eat crap diet! That would solve all my problems. But crap tastes so good!


Sunday 28th of July 2013

Sometimes it sure does. Today has been successful diet and working out wise. Thanks for being so encouraging Bonnie!

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