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Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Costumes

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Last year, my FAVORITE part of the Star Wars Half Marathon weekend was all the highly creative costumes from my nerdy fellow runners.

With the costume changes put forth by runDisney last week, there was a huge #whompwhomp heard around the galaxy.  Many of the big builds people were planning had to be scrapped.

That’s ok, though.

SW half 12

I fell into that category.  I had three ideas I was kicking around and due to the restrictions, I had to start all over again.

One idea:  Cruella Ren.  A Cruella-Kylo Ren mashup.  The long robes and mask needed for this one had me backing off.

I also considered a Jedi with a flowing robe.  Nope.  Can’t do it. And I didn’t want to cut my robe down, so I just let it go.

My final pie in the sky idea was a box build of an X-Wing Fighter.  I was a Rebel pilot last year and thought this year I’d take it up a notch with a box build.

Again.  Nope.

So I’m going with my minimal and more literal interpretation for the 10K.

X-Wing Fighter (get it?)


Sw costume 3

I am amused.

And hey, this is way easier to maneuver on the course than a box anyway!

It also worked out well that we had all these pieces here at the house.  FREE costume- can you believe it?!  I am going to “Rebel” it up a bit with some vinyl cuts and visor additions so it won’t be quite this bland, but I think you get the idea.

When runDisney squashes your dreams, you just make something else work out, amiright?

Storm Trooper Crew


The half costume is going to be super minimal as well.  I didn’t have time to do anything more since I just got back from Walt Disney World Marathon weekend.  But I happen to LOVE the way this came together!

sw half 16

The mask IS against the rules, but I saw many runners with them at Walt Disney World last week.  If I can carry it and only wear it for pictures, I will.  I hope that will work out.

If I have to toss it, fine.  I think it cost me $6 at Target after Halloween.  I’ll live with whatever ruling they decide at security.

Be on the lookout for the Storm Trooper Crew. This group formed on Facebook (and yes- YOU can join up too!) for both the light and dark side challenges.  If you aren’t running until April, there’s still time to join up.

The biggest crew of troopers will be running on Saturday.  But there will be some of us on Sunday as well.  If you are dressing as a Storm Trooper: join the crew!  All are welcome, and the goal is to get as many pictures as a group as possible on the course.

That means one big group photo with ONE camera— so if you see a big group building together, don’t panic.  They are going to be in and out quickly.  They are pros when it comes to epic pictures at runDisney events.  They won’t hold you up!

Are you ready to run Disneyland this weekend? New courses and new costumes… oh my! 

Sharing is caring!

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Pauline PT

Thursday 14th of January 2016, LOVE your X-wing fighter!!!!! Brilliant! Hope to see you on the course!


Thursday 14th of January 2016

It's not much- but it will do, right? lol Thanks- see you out there!