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runDisney Registration Hack

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If you’ve tried to get into a runDisney race recently, you know it can be super challenging. We suggest checking out our runDisney registration tips to get the full rundown when it comes to these races. We have a runDisney registration hack that will help you help others get races. What you need to know to share a runDisney registration link.

runDisney Registration Is Stressful

We know this, you know this, runDisney knows this.

But we’re not sure that there is truly a better option considering the way runDisney races are marketed and run (family-friendly, a race for everyone, part of a bigger vacation for many, etc.).

A traditional lottery may be more headache for everyone involved, so… for now, the system stands.

rundisney registration hack. Cars 5K finishline with runners at sunrise.

How runDisney Registration Works

The basic flow for registration is this:

  • log into your runDisney account
  • visit the race event page and refresh until the races show “open”
  • enter the queue and get shuffled into a random order. This is the key point: you will be randomly placed into the line, so you could have a 2-minute wait or the dreaded “longer than an hour” wait.
  • wait… and wait… and wait…
  • when it’s your turn to register, go through registration as quickly as possible
  • add payment and hit submit- and wait for confirmation

Do Multiple Browsers Help With runDisney Registration?


If you open multiple different brands of browsers (ie, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox on your laptop) you may increase your chances when the randomization happens of getting an earlier window.

If you open multiple browsers of the same “brand” (3 Chrome browsers for example) it will not help your chances.

Please see our comprehensive tips for runDisney registration to learn more about this process.

At some point, you’ll get an estimated countdown timer letting you know when your chance to register will be called.

Again: it may be 2 minutes or it may be over an hour.

Our tip: don’t close out ANY of your windows until you have actually completed registration and have made it to the confirmation screen.

muppets runDisney registration meme

runDisney IT does weird things from time to time, and having an extra window may help you navigate those weird instances.

How To Share An Open Registration Window: runDisney Registration Hack

So the best case scenario is that you breezed through registration and you’re all set!

Congrats! We’ll see you at the races!

But what about your friend/coworker/family member who didn’t get right through? Is there an option to help them get through runDisney registration?

This is where the runDisney registration hack of sharing your open queue comes in.

If you try to copy and paste the link from your website address bar and share it with them: it will NOT work. They will end up in a new countdown at the end of the line.

But we’ve discovered a method for sharing queue spots that does work.

This allows you to share that open browser with a lower countdown/queue placement with someone who may need it.

Step 1: Start on the open browser that you want to share.

Step 2: Go down to the queue ID number. CLICK ON THE WORD “QUEUE”, not on the number.

Step 3: This will open up a small window that has a super informative message- and a longer string of numbers/letters.

Step 4: The message will read: Continue my journey on another browser or device.”

It goes on to say “To transfer your spot in line to another browser or device, copy the unique link b elow. If you share your link with someone else, they can take your position in line and you’ll need to re-enter the waiting room.”

Click the link that says “COPY MY LINK”

rundisney registration hacks 2

Step 5: Share that link with whoever needs it!

This also works if you started on your laptop but maybe have to run to a meeting or drop off kids at school and want to move yourself to your cell phone.

We’ve transferred the link to ourselves and to others and can confirm that it will work.

We hope this runDisney registration hack helps you help others get into the next race more smoothly!

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