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How To Run A PERFECT runDisney Season

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One of the hot topics in the runDisney community is the recognition of running a perfect runDisney season. But what does that mean and do you really want to do it? Here’s your 101 for running a perfect runDisney season- and tips on how to make it happen! Hint: start saving up now.

start the perfect runDisney season with the Wine and Dine race weekend. This is the wine and dine 2022 5K medal. Coco themed medal in front of Mexico pavillion at Epot.

runDisney History: What You Need To Know

If you’re starting your runDisney journey, welcome to one of the most passionate and intense fandoms in the Disney community.

And that’s saying a lot since Disney people in general are, well, A LOT.

Athletes have been racing through the Walt Disney World parks since 1994 and through Disneyland parks since 1995.

Eventually the racing program was branded and marketed as runDisney where it grew into a year round, coast to coast, international experience.

The perfect rundisney season includes the Springtime Surprise races. expedition everest 5k medal 2022. Springtime Surprise race weekend theme in 2022 was memory lane.

At it’s height in 2017, runDisney offered:

  • Wine and Dine Weekend
  • Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend
  • Princess Half Marathon Weekend
  • Star Wars Rival Run Weekend
  • Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend
  • Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend (US)
  • Superheroes Half Marathon Weekend
  • Disneyland Light Side Weekend
  • Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend
  • Castaway Cay Challenge 5K

There were other race weekends over the years including the Tower of Terror 10-Miler, Expedition Everest 5K, and the Race for the Taste 10K.

But all that changed with the pandemic, naturally. runDisney looks a little different than it’s heyday of 2013-2017.

runner as Captain America

Current runDisney Events

There are currently 4 race weekend at Walt Disney World:

  • Wine and Dine Weekend
  • Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend
  • Princess Half Marathon Weekend
  • Springtime Surprise Weekend

There is 1 race weekend at Disneyland:

  • Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend
dumbo double dare 2013 medal. Everything you need to know about runDisney at Disneyland before 2024

The Disneyland races actually fell off well before March 2020 due to construction at the resort (or fights with the city of Anaheim- jury is out on which rumor weighed more into the decision).

They have been on hiatus since the last Superhereos Half Weekend ran in 2017, but it’s making a big comeback in 2024. Here’s everything you need to know about runDisney at Disneyland.

There are not any current races at Disneyland Paris or at Castaway Cay (for the official runDisney challenge medal).

Now that you know a little of the history of runDisney, let’s get into what makes a perfect runDisney season.

rundisney-cars-5K-springtime-surprise-finish. rundisney registration hacks.

What Is A Perfect runDisney Season?

This is complicated- kinda. It’s not an officially designated program.

There is no official answer according to as to what makes a perfect runDisney race season.

It’s a fan-created term that’s been in use for years, but was publicly acknowledged for the first time by the runDisney race announcers at the Springtime Surprise in 2023.

According to the announcers, racers who completed every 2022-2023 runDisney race were finishers of a “perfect runDisney season.” This meant they completed 112.7 miles starting in November of 2022 and ending in April 2023.

Interestingly enough, they did not include the Castaway Cay 5K challenge in the mileage number.

stitch castaway cay challenge

How many people completed perfect runDisney seasons in 2022-2023?

1300 runners were officially acknowledged as perfect runDisney season runners.

For the record: there are plenty of people who have run perfect seasons at runDisney before (and have for years!). So this isn’t a new thing, exactly.

It’s just becoming a more common phrase and discussion in the community at the moment and could become an official designation in the future.

How can you complete a perfect runDisney season? Here’s what you need to know.

Princess Half marathon 10K jump shot

What Races Do I Need To Complete For a Perfect runDisney Race Season?

If you are using the announcers mileage math, you’ll need to run every in person race that runDisney offers at the Disney Parks.

Since they did not include Castaway Cay Challenge (and it’s not being offered in 2024 anyway) we’re going to assume it doesn’t “count” for perfect status.

You’ll need to run each of the following:

  • Wine and Dine 5K
  • Wine and Dine 10K
  • Wine and Dine Half Marathon
  • Marathon Weekend 5K
  • Marathon Weekend 10K
  • Marathon Weekend Half Marathon
  • Marathon Weekend Full Marathon
  • Disneyland 5K
  • Disneyland 10K
  • Disneyland Half Marathon
  • Princess 5K
  • Enchanted 10K
  • Princess Half Marathon
  • Springtime Surprise: race distances have not been announced for 2024, but all road distances would need to be completed to count
runDisney Races Returning To Disneyland
runDisney races will return to the Disneyland Resort in 2024. Details on specific dates, registration information and more will be announced at a later date.

Do Virtual Races Or Yoga Events Need To Be Completed To Count?

We’re going with no- because most virtual races do not count toward any kind of legacy or perfect status. There were some exemptions during the Covid race years, but in general, there are not “perfect” virtual runners.

You have to run on the Disney property in the official runDisney event to count toward a perfect status.

So you can sleep in on those sunrise yoga days and skip those virtual medals in the summer if you are aiming for a perfect runDisney season.


Do them all and make it a Practically Perfect runDisney Season! YOLO, right?

springtime surprise yoga

How Much Does It Cost To A Perfect runDisney Season?

The answer: A LOT.

We can’t give an all-in answer because it’s complicated.

Your costs will vary based on how you vacation is the bottom line.

If you are a local and can skip flights, car rentals, dining, theme park tickets and hotel rooms, you’ll spend a lot less.

If you bring the whole family and have multiple runners, well, things can get up there pretty quickly.

But if you are looking at typical runDisney race weekend, check out this example of how much a runDisney race weekend can cost.

We can give a starting cost, however.

Signing up for every runDisney race for 2023-2024 will cost you approximately $2643.67 in bib fees alone.

Instagram frame runDisney costume

What Do You Get For Running A Perfect runDisney Season?

An empty wallet?

A heart full of memories?

Tired legs and feet?

Unfortunately, it’s a one-sided relationship at this time: runDisney does not do anything to officially acknowledge the completion of a perfect season.

You get incredible sense of accomplishment and loads of magical miles. Bragging rights and Instagram pics are forever!

disney world annual pass 50th annivesary

Tips For Running a Perfect runDisney Season

The hardest part of completing a perfect runDisney season is signing up.

Sure, 112.7 miles is a lot of ground to cover, but you can’t even think of that until you get signed up.

Here are some tips for running a perfect runDisney season.

  1. Sign up for Club runDisney. Platinum Level will get you advanced links to races which guarantees you’ll get into the races you need. Read more about Club runDisney to decide if it’s worth it to you.
  2. Follow these tips to register for runDisney races.
  3. Get a team together on registration day and work together to get everyone into the race they need. Seriously: the buddy system is super helpful if all hands can be on deck- or on the keyboard- when the waiting room opens for registration.
  4. If you miss out on registration, contact the runDisney charity groups. Many will have bibs and you’ll get to do some good while you chase your runDisney perfect season.
  5. TRAIN. Once you get signed up, be sure to put in the miles leading up to each race weekend. An injury would sideline the whole plan- and that’s one expensive way to DNS even one race.
  6. Book your hotel rooms in advance. A travel agent experienced in runDisney races will be your best bet for knowing the ins and outs of a racecation.
  7. Get a Disney World Annual Pass for the season. If you plan to hit up the Disney Parks, this will ultimately be the biggest money-saving hack when it comes to these races. You can purchase the pass now and it won’t be active until your first use in the parks. Buy now, activate in November at Wine and Dine, and spread the costs out a bit.

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