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Race Shirts That Suck (and Rock!) | Tuesdays on the Run

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This week’s Tuesdays on the Run is all about shirts.

We’re talking about our favorites and our least favorite race shirts we’ve earned over the years.  Shirts are a big deal: sometimes it’s the only thing you have to show for a race you complete.  Sometimes they are true finishers shirts that you only recieve at the finish line- how cool is that?

Show us what you’ve got!

Link up with Erika Marcia and me for this week’s Tuesdays on the Run!


Race Shirts That Suck (and Rock!)

First off, a huge apology.  The photography here: well, it sucks.

Some of you might have read my whaaaa post on Sunday where I complained about being down with the flu.  Yep.  Still dealing with the aftermath of that lovely virus.

I’m tired, I’m low energy, and I abandoned my plans to try on each shirt for a much more fun blog post.  Maybe next week I’ll come back here and do just that, but for now, you get the “flat Patty” versions.  I totally dialed these in, guys.  I didn’t even try very hard to smooth wrinkles because: that’s my life this week.   Forgive me!

Alright- with that disclaminer, on with the countdown!

Shirts I do NOT like and will never, ever, evaaahhh wear again.

Or ever wore in the first place.

The Disneyland Half and 10K shirts from 2013.

These colors are not in my wheelhouse. And this was the last year runDisney forced women into mens cut shirts.  They are boxy, huge, and just overall ugly. Nope.

DDD shirts

The 5K shirts.  Any of the 5K shirts from runDisney will do.

I pulled these two out of my “paint wardrobe” drawer.

cotton shirts

Again with the unisex. And even worse: cotton.

Oh, and gold?  Like, who looks good in that bright yellow awful color?  Maybe three people in the whole world can pull that look off!  I am not one of them.

Shirts that I love and wear all the time.

This might surprise you, but it’s actually NOT a runDisney shirt.  While I do love a lot of those, and wear them often, this shirt from the Phoenix Half Marathon is one of my faves.

I didn’t think I’d love it when I first picked it up, but it grew on me.  Big time.

phx marathon

Front 2014 Phoenix Half Marathon shirt

phoenix half shirt

Back 2014 Phoenix Half Marathon shirt

It’s similar in look to a cyclist jersey and I love how soft it feels.  There’s also a small key pocket on the side that zips up that I find really handy on days I’m in capris and not wearing my skirt with pockets.

My other favorite shirt is  a runDisney shirt.  I loved this one from the moment I saw it.

How can you NOT love Storm Troopers?

storm trooper

I love the color, I love the sleeves (yes, I live in Arizona but I am ALWAYS cold here so this works for me!), and I love that there will never be another Storm Trooper shirt from the Disneyland race ever again with the Light Side rebrand.

It makes this one pretty special.

Honorable mention goes to my first marathon shirt.  I love the red, I love Mickey, and I adore the emblems on the sleeves.  I think this race was just meant to be my first one because the medal and the shirts are practially perfect in every way for me!

marathon shirt

What shirts are on your suck or rock list?

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Saturday 27th of February 2016

I'm glad more and more races are starting to have women's cut race shirts. BTW, the Phoenix Half Marathon shirt is awesome! I

HoHo Runs

Wednesday 17th of February 2016

I agree with you on the Disney marathon shirt. Best.Shirt.Ever! I'm seriously coveting your Phoenix shirt! I like any shirt with a raglan sleeve since my shoulders are so wide. Thanks for the linkup.


Tuesday 16th of February 2016

i usually like the more neutral/muted/basic colors for race shirts, who wants a neon orange shirt? or mustard colored? and cotton... blah... actually i wear the cotton ones to bed sometimes especially the unisex boxy ones that really serve no other purpose ;)


Tuesday 16th of February 2016

I do like the Pheonix one but since I too have the Red WDW Marathon shirt, that is my very favorite one! It's just so pretty and bright! Thanks so much for this fun themed link up!


Tuesday 16th of February 2016

I admit to being on the fence when I heard that Disney was going to offer women's fit shirts. I didn't love the old Champion women's shirts they used to sell. I love these new shirts though! The fabric is light and the cut is great. Sometimes the colours/logos could be improved (like the Goofy shirt from 2015 - I didn't might the bright orange but the logo didn't come out as nicely as they did for the other races). My marathon shirt from last year is one of my faves.