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Is The Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Fireworks Dining Package Worth It?

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Disney dollars are always a topic around here. I know it’s hard to decide if something is “worth it” when spending extra money on an already expensive trip to Disneyland. But sometimes, spending a little more under certain circumstances is worth it. One option is the Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace fireworks dining package. Here’s a review to decide if the Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Dining Package is worth the money for your family.

Disney Dollars: Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Fireworks Dining Package Worth It? Review

Spending hard-earned Disney dollars on making memories at Disneyland can be “easy” to do, especially when feeding you and your family.

But deciding where to spend your Disney dollars wisely isn’t always easy.

Is the Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Dining Package worth it?

That depends on a few factors, but we’ll run down the ins and outs before you book those Advanced Dining Reservations 60 days in advance.

Here’s what you need to know about the Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Fireworks Dining Package viewing experience at Disneyland

Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace dining package check in sign.

What Is The Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Fireworks Dining Package?

This fireworks dining option occurs just before the fireworks show at Disneyland. We watched it during the summer, but it’s also available for the Halloween Screams fireworks and the Believe In Magic Holiday fireworks.

Your family will check in after 6:30 pm to pick up your meal and head to the fireworks viewing location.

Check-in is first come, first serve regarding seating locations. You can check in early, even if your reservation time is later.

You’ll be escorted to the table assigned to your party.

After you find your seat, you can sit down and eat, come and go as you please, and enjoy some of the perks offered on the Skyline Terrace. I’ll cover that below.

Does This Location Offer The Best Fireworks View For Fireworks at Disneyland?

We can’t say it offers the best fireworks view, but we will also say it’s a pretty good option for people who don’t want to fight the crowds on Main Street.

This is what it looks like on Disneyland’s Main Street 30 minutes before the fireworks start.

disneylands plaza inn halloween screams dining package review. Main Street USA crowds lined up for fireworks.

Main Street and the Hub locations will give you a better view of the whole fireworks and projection show.

But you’ll have to stand around like this for at least 30 minutes waiting.

I preferred a somewhat more chill option that offered food, drinks, dessert, and, most importantly, a seat.

How Much Does the Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Dining Package Cost? Let’s Talk Disney Dollars

The Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Fireworks Dining Package is an added cost to your Disneyland entrance ticket.

  • Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Dining Package $89 for all guests

This was originally a more reasonable $60 meal, but Disneyland added some “perks” to the event and upped the price. We’ll discuss that below.

What’s On the Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Dining Package Menu?

What do you get for the money?

Here’s what you’ll find on the menu:

Current Adult Options:

The menu changes seasonally, but this is available as of October 2023.

  • Fried Pork Rice Bowl: Crispy Fried Pork Loin served over Sweet Soy-dressed Cabbage and White Rice, garnished with Green Onions and served with Katsu Sauce
  • Pot Roast Philly: Slow-cooked Pot Roast with Onions, Peppers, Melted Provolone and Horseradish AÏoli on a Hoagie Roll, served with a side of Au Jus
  • Fried Cauliflower Curry Bowl (Plant-based): Spiced Fried Cauliflower, Basmati & Green Pea Rice and Spinach with Chickpeas and Romanesco, served with Curry Sauce

Child Options:

  • Chicken Tenders: Served with Potato Bites, a Cuties® Mandarin Orange, House Sauce and Blue Ranch
  • Kids Pasta Bake: Diced Grilled Chicken, Blend of Broccolini, Roasted Bell Peppers, Spinach, and Chef’s Choice of Pasta tossed in Marinara Sauce and Topped with Cheese

Dessert Options:

  • Raspberry Mousse Tart: Chocolate Tart Shell filled with Chocolate Mousse and Ganache, topped with a Red & Black Raspberry Mousse glazed Dome
  • Chocolate Mousse Brownie: Chocolate Brownie with Swirls of Black and Purple, White Chocolate Mousse and Yellow and Green White Chocolate Mousse Flames, with Chocolate Maleficent Horns

Specialty-themed, Non-alcoholic Beverage Options:

  • Blood Orange Slush: Blood Orange-flavored Slush with a Raspberry Drizzle, served with a Mickey Mouse-shaped Glow Cube
  • Pineapple & Jalapeño Limeade: Pineapple & Lime Juices, with Diced Jalapeños and a Lime Slice, served with a Mickey Mouse-shaped Glow Cube

Is The Food At The Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Fireworks Dining Package Worth Your Disney Dollars?

In my opinion, the food was pretty good.

I wasn’t a fan of the execution of the meal- meaning I had to check in one location then walk to another to place my order. Then, walk through a crowded area where kids are participating in a dance party (hello, dodging excited kids with a full try isn’t fun!) to find the entrance to the party.

The party did not have clear signage to the ramp and if you are unfamiliar with Disneyland, you may not know how to get to your ultimate location.

It was a little annoying, I’ll admit. But once I entered the dining location, everything was as smooth as can be. The cast members were incredibly helpful.

While it was only me doing this event, I imagined trying to navigate with multiple trays and little kids… and I could just see this as a disaster. If you are planning this with your family and need more hands, ask a cast member at the first check-in location for assistance. They should be able to help you get your food safely up to the dining location.

I tried to “girl math” this one to justify paying this high price for a Galactic Grill meal.

And it was clear I was putting the most value on the saved time NOT sitting in the pre-fireworks hub.

Sitting in a chair with a nearby bathroom, the ability to come and go as I pleased, cool beverages, and snacks was a better use of my time than sitting in the hub, hoping someone tall wouldn’t pop in front of us last minute.

Additional Perks Of The Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Fireworks Dining Package

I mentioned above that part of the cost can be factored in with some perks, so here’s what I meant.

There are a few photo opps you can do once the sun goes down. Cast Members will come by your table and offer to take pictures with your phone.

You can request extra sodas or hot chocolate to enjoy during the fireworks.

You also get a novelty sipper when you’re at the event. In July, we got a Baby Yoda sipper but could also choose a Darth Vader cup.

My guess is that there may be other options seasonally (potentially a Halloween-themed or Christmas-themed item in the fall) but I haven’t been able to confirm this.

Hot chocolate, Baby Yoda sipper, water bottle and the coaster.

There were also board games to take to your table or play at the top of the stairs. I thought that was a great way for families to keep the little ones entertained without going back down the ramp while waiting for fireworks.

We also had access to a cell phone charging station at our table. And – drum roll please!- a specialty coaster that is specifically mentioned as a perk for this event.

Y’all, it’s thin cardboard and absolutely not worth mentioning as a perk.

Is Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Dining Package Worth It? That’s $89+ Of Your Disney Dollars… Soooo…

While we enthusiastically felt the food alone was not worth the price tag- this was a $30 Disney meal, at best- we also recognized that we weren’t really paying for the food.

What you’re additionally paying for at the Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Dining Package is location, location, location.

Getting off your feet mid-Disney day for a meal, drinks, and a fireworks view makes these packages valuable.

Important Information For The Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Dining Package

This restaurant is inside the Disneyland Park. You will need a theme park ticket and reservation for this event.

Not every night gets Fireworks at Disneyland, so check the schedule before planning for this event.

You will also need an advance dining reservation to eat here, as it is a popular package.

You can book your dining up to 60 days in advance online- and reservations are highly recommended. There may be availability the day of for walk-up, but we’d book in advance for this one.

disneyland tomorrowland skyline terrace fireworks view 2

What’s The View For Fireworks From The Plaza Inn?

It’s not terrible if you are only concerned about seeing the fireworks.

You can see most of the sky from this location.

However, your mileage will vary depending on where they seat you.

I was in the secord row, which is a taller tiered seating area. You can see in the pictures that the overhand blocked some of the sky for me.

If I was doing it again. I’d request to be seated along the railing as they seemed to have a much better view. Unlike the Plaza Inn Fireworks dining package, I did not have anyone block the view in front of me, which was awesome.

You will not see any of the castle or Main Street projections from this location.

The good news is that Disneyland will run the castle projections on weeknights, so you can always plan to watch that show another night.

Here’s the view of the fireworks from The Skyline Terrace.

disneyland tomorrowland skyline terrace fireworks view

Is It Worth It?

Is the Tomorrowland Skyline Terrace Dining Package worth it? We think it *might* be, depending on how you value an experience.

While it was fun to do once, I’m not sure I’d recommend it for a first-time visit to Disneyland. This would be something a repeat Disneyland visitor might enjoy.

Deciding how to spend those Disney dollars is always hard, but this might be a splurge that works for your family.

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