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How To Register For the 2021 runDisney Wine And Dine Half Marathon

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2020 brought us a lot of new and frequently used words like unprecedented, cancellation, and virtual everything. Those could all be used to describe the the 2020 runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend. But looking forward to a great big beautiful tomorrow with 2021 just around the corner means runners want to get back out to the races. The real ones- and hopefully the ones with runDisney at Walt Disney World Resort. How can you register for the 2021 runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon? I’ll run down the options and what we know as of this publication date of November 9, 2020. 

5k wine and dine virtual start how to register for rundisney races

Looking Forward To runDisney in 2021

The official 2020 Wine and Dine race weekend just passed, even though, as a virtual event- it can go on as long as you need it too. 

I suppose that’s one good thing about the races going virtual this year! 

You run on your schedule, and that means you don’t have to set the 3:00 am alarm if you don’t wanna. 

But you should definitely run in a DIY race costume- I will always suggest that when it comes to runDisney! 

runDisney wine and dine evil queen DIY race costume

Tracy L’s costume was spot on for this race weekend!

If virtuals aren’t your thing, and you’re hopeful for a return to racing in person for the 2021 fall season: take note. 

We’re going to talk about how you can be prepared for registration day for the 2021 runDisney Wine and Dine Half marathon weekend. 

2021 runDisney Wine and Dine Dates

This, my friends, is TBD. 

And I’ll fill in this information as soon as it’s officially released. 

Based on previous patterns, you can pencil in- and I do mean PENCIL, do not use a pen on this one!- the dates of November 4-7, 2021. 

Historically, the Wine and Dine race weekend happen the first weekend in November.

But as we know with that word unprecedented being thrown around, things could change for the future of this race weekend. 

For now: we wait and see, but hope to run through Disney again real soon!

Amy and April with Rafiki at Wine and Dine Half

Wait, Wait… Will runDisney Even Return for 2021 Wine and Dine Weekend?

Man, we sure hope so!

I know runDisney has to hope so as well- otherwise, those furloughs and layoffs are looking pretty grim. Okay, grimmer than what is already taking place.

Because right now things are just not good when it comes to being a Disney Cast Member supporting an unscheduled line of business. 

For the current moment, runDisney has not made any major announcement on the status of this race weekend. 

Again: TBD. 

But again: let’s stay hopeful! 

Lady and the Tramp 5K medal Wine and Dine

How To Register For the 2021 runDisney Wine And Dine Half Marathon

First thing you should note: the runDisney community is a PASSIONATE one. 

And once there’s a chance to runDisney again, you know they will show up and show out. 

What does that mean for you? 

It means super-fast race sellouts and a chance you could miss out if you are not prepared. 

In the past, runDisney offered early registration for a couple of groups. At this time, we believe those groups will still have early access to runDisney events. 

Who can register for runDisney races early?

how to register for rundisney wine and dine

If these programs continue for the 2021-2022 race season, we’re all hopeful the early registration will still be an option. 

If you fall into any of these categories, you will want to go ahead and reach out to your travel agent or charity of choice NOW to get on a waitlist. 

Here’s a list of the 2020 Wine and Dine charities– go ahead and reach out to see if they have a waitlist started for next year. 

And if you want to book with a travel agent, please fill out this form and I can add you to my waitlist now. 

Why Book With a Travel Agent

There are a lot of reasons to go ahead and book with a runDisney centric travel agent like No-Guilt Travel

We run the races, we know the races, and we can help you with all your race questions. 

It’s that simple!

you paid for this runDisney travel agent meme

Oh- and we get race bib access in advance of normal registration. 

<record scratch> At least— we typically do. 

We’re still waiting on details for the 2021 runDisney Wine and Dine weekend, but we’re staying hopeful that the travel agent runDisney program continues. 

If you want in, be sure to fill out this form so we can contact you with a quote as soon as races become available to us! 

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