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Disney Never Have I Ever

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We love games on the No-Guilt Disney Podcast and this week we tried a new one. Disney Never Have I Ever- and it got a little punchy. Or we were punchy. I don’t know, but we had a lot of fun with this episode. Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to the No-Guilt Disney Podcast, because as I always say: it’s no fun to fangirl Disney alone!

Disneyland Canoes

Disney Never Have I Ever (Played a Game So Wrong…!) 

This was a hot mess but it made for some good laughs. 

And maybe a few tears on Theresa’s part. 

I promise we did not invite her to be part of this podcast just to torment her with our lack of Epcot love. Swearsies. 

It just kinda… happened. 

We want to know: what’s on your Never Have I Ever Disney list!

Join us in the No-Guilt Disney Facebook Group and tell us about it. 


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Never Have I Ever Disney Edition Episode 1 Transcript

Patty 0:05
To all who come to our happy place, welcome to the No-Guilt Disney Podcast! Where we have no guilt about our love for all things Disney.

Jane 0:13
We’re three Disney fan girls who probably know more about Disney Parks than most grown women should and we’re perfectly okay with that.

Patty 0:21

Theresa 0:23
Yeah, I’m all good with it. Hello everyone. My name is Theresa, and you can find me on Twitter at @GertieTheDino and on Instagram

Patty 0:33
She’s also known as the cheese hater. So, just mark that down people.

Theresa 0:39
I proudly wear that as a badge of honor

Patty 0:41
Give her the side-eye because…I mean, cheese. How? I…Hm. Okay.

Jane 0:49
I’m Jane and I can be found on Instagram and Facebook @RealMousewifeWDW. And I love cheese. <laughter>

Theresa 1:00
See, we’ve established that all the things that I don’t care for both of you seem to love, so you just get all of mine. You get all of my ‘Ohana.

Patty 1:11
That’s true.

Theresa 1:11
It works out really well.

Patty 1:12
This is a good relationship.

Theresa 1:14
It’s symbiotic!

Jane 1:17
I’m still judging.

Theresa 1:18
Well, you would be doing that anyway <laughs>

Jane 1:20
True story.

Patty 1:21
You can stick around Theresa, I’ll allow it. When you put it in those kinds of terms, I can see the benefit to myself. All right, well, hey, I am Patty Holliday and you can find me at and I am also the owner of the No-Guilt Travel agency, which is a travel agency that specializes in – guess what – Disney! Disney and Universal vacations. You can find me on all socials @NoGuiltLife. And we just want to say thank you. We know that there are a zillion Disney podcasts out there and whatever brought you to ours, we’re thrilled that you’re here. And hope you stick around.

Jane 2:03
So go on and subscribe so that you don’t miss any of our episodes. And if you are on a platform that allows you to do it, go ahead and throw up a five star review. It helps with the algorithms so that we can find other people who love Disney as much as we do.

Theresa 2:19
And if you haven’t yet, we are on Facebook at no guilt Disney. So make sure you join our group over there. That’s where we’ll be putting out our first calls for the stories that we share here will give you guys some you’ll be able to ask us questions, we’ll be able to give you some feedback right away. And I guess hopefully your questions and stories you might hear some of them on the air.

Patty 2:41
And that’s always fun. So we’d love to have that interaction in that community. So come join us on Facebook. You can find it it’s the No-Guilt Disney Facebook group. I think it’s that easy. So, today we’re going to try something different. This has been fun, in our short time as podcasters we’ve been trying all these different games and processes to see what we like, what you like. And here’s a new one. This time we are going to play Never Have I Ever. And I need someone to explain this game to me because I was not in charge.

Jane 3:22
Okay, so Never Have I Ever is a game. It’s really known as a drinking game, as I know it, where somebody says “Never have I ever done something.” And if you’ve done that thing, you drink. Obviously, we’re going to make it Disney. So I would just like to put the disclaimer, if you’re listening at home and you want to drink along with us, have at it. If you’re driving, please do not.

Theresa 3:57
The one stipulation.

Jane 3:58
I urge you, unless it’s water.

Patty 4:02
Coffee, maybe?

Theresa 4:04
I’ve got some lemonade right now.

Patty 4:07
Yeah, so those are a ok if you are on the road, but other than that, please keep two hands on the wheels, eyes forward. Two and Ten.

Theresa 4:17
Mouse ears on.

Patty 4:18
That’s right. They don’t do two and ten anymore, by the way. You guys wouldn’t know this, but my child has been through Driver’s Ed. And I was gonna say, “Put your hands at two and ten,” because that’s how I was taught, back in the dark ages. And it’s not. They like you put your hands at the bottom now because of the whole airbag sitch.

Theresa 4:38
I feel like that’s what I do naturally anyway, so I’m just ahead of the curve.

Patty 4:42
You’re just being a safety like a 16 year old so good job. <laughter>

Theresa 4:49
The three miles I drive every day.

Patty 4:51
And hey, for everybody. You didn’t know you were going to get bonus content like that when you signed up this Disney podcast, now did you?

Jane 4:59
That’s really super extra.

Patty 5:03
Hey, I live to serve. Alright, so what we’re going to do is take turns, right? One of us will say Never Have I Ever and then the others will admit if they are “drinking” or not – which by the way, I have some water here that’s my beverage of choice tonight nothing cray cray.

Jane 5:23
I thought of snacking along, that was my other.

Patty 5:25
No this is not the – what is it, ASMR? We’re not one of those podcasts. <laughter> So yeah, let’s just kind of keep it clean, because nobody wants to hear us smacking in their ears while we’re talking. So this is Disney Never Have I Ever, and I think it’s simple enough to follow along, right? Who’s first?

Theresa 5:56
I will go first. So Never Have I Ever been to Blizzard Beach.

Patty 6:02
I’m drinking.

Jane 6:04
I’m definitely drinking.

Theresa 6:07
What’s funny, I realized as I was looking through my list of things I have, and it seems like I have an aversion to water things. Because I had this on there, I’ve never been on Kali River Rapids, I’ve never rented watercraft like the water things you can do on Bay Lake and Crescent Lake. Never done any of those, and I actually didn’t go Typhoon Lagoon until last year for the first time. So apparently, my list’s a lot of water things. If you can find a water thing I’ve done, I’ll be very impressed.

Patty 6:36
So hold on. I’ve already lost the game. Is there a way to lose the game? I’ve already lost. I said I’m drinking, because I’m in agreement with the Theresa I’ve never been to Blizzard Beach.

Theresa 6:48
Oh! <laughter>

Patty 6:48
But that’s not the way this game is played.

Theresa 6:50
The other way. I’m very glad you’re doing this sober because this is going downhill so fast. <laughter>

Patty 6:57
Oh my gosh. Yeah, apparently I don’t…okay. So I’m not drinking. I did not drink, I’m gonna spit this water back out.

Jane 7:10
Y’all, we’re a mess today. <laughter>

Theresa 7:13
Only today. This is the first time that’s ever happened.

Jane 7:17
Do NOT ask me that email address. <laughter>

Patty 7:24
All right. So there’s my answer. I haven’t been to Blizzard beach either, Theresa.

Theresa 7:31
Have you done Typhoon Lagoon?

Patty 7:33
I have not. Now let me tell you that story. I was supposed to go to Typhoon Lagoon. I had tickets to go. My entire family went, but because I’m a mom and I had this mentality at the time, I stayed back at the hotel and did laundry went to Typhoon Lagoon. Because I wanted to come home with clean laundry in my suitcase. I didn’t want to come home and have to do laundry at home. So I kept the baby, I kept Lucy with me. And we just did laundry at Port Orleans Riverside, instead of going to the water parks. <laughs>

Jane 8:11
Oh boy,

Theresa 8:12
I guess that’s another thing to put on my list. I’ve never done laundry at Disney. <laughter>

Patty 8:17
Yeah, those years I was much younger and sillier back then, and cared about such things as clean clothes. But yeah, that’s why I’ve never been. All right, Jane, what do you got?

Jane 8:31
Never have I ever been on the Magic Carpets.

Theresa 8:36
Oh, I’ve done that one.

Patty 8:37
Okay, so I’m drinking if I’ve done it, right? I’ve done that one. Funny, same same trip report as that last one. The whole family got to ride in it, because it seats six people. We all got to ride it and it was like two o’clock in the morning, because this is when it was Extra Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom at night. So we just walked on Magic Carpets – which honestly, isn’t it almost always walk on, right? But that’s one of my favorite memories, because it was like two o’clock in the morning, my little kids were still rocking it, nobody was tired, and we were closing down Magic Kingdom.

Theresa 9:14
I want to say I’ve only done it once, I think. And that was the first time that we took my nephews, and that was actually the very first Walt Disney World attraction they ever went on. For the same reason, that we were walking through and we just wanted to find something to get them on with no line. And there you go.

Patty 9:31
And there you have it. All right. Are you ready for this, Theresa? I might hurt you a little bit.

Theresa 9:37
<laughs> We’re getting to that part of the podcast early today.

Patty 9:45
For anyone that’s new to the podcast, Theresa has a very deep love for one park in particular. Theresa loves Epcot, with her whole heart and soul. So anytime Jane or I happen to say something that is not as flattering towards Epcot, we feel like we’re sticking this little tiny dagger in her heart every time.

Theresa 10:20
I wish you could see me, I’m starting to like twist myself into a ball in preparation.

Patty 10:27
Yeah, you’re getting prepared for this? Alright, so here it is. Here it is. And this was hard for me to pick but…I can’t pick, I’m just gonna say them all. Never have I ever –

Theresa 10:40
<laughs> Oh, there’s multiple?

Patty 10:41
Uh huh. Yeah. You know I only go to Mexico. <laughs> Right, so never have I ever watched a movie in Epcot, except I did see Martin Short’s “O! Canada.” Never have I ever watched/listened to the full Voices of Liberty show. Never have I ever watched the full complete Illuminations and –

Theresa 11:07
And you never will. <laughter>

Patty 11:10
I know. I know. I mean, it’s on YouTube. It lives on forever on YouTube, whatever. And then never have I ever been through any of the pavilions, except for Norway and Mexico, in depth. I was trying to think through this. I couldn’t tell you what’s back in the Morocco Pavilion. I can’t tell you what’s in Japan. I don’t go into them. So I got nothing.

Theresa 11:37
I think I…. I have just barely opened my lemonade and I feel like I need to chug it now after that. <laughter> That’s about 75% of my Disney experiences are in those locations.

Patty 11:52
I know, I know. It’s awful. I love Epcot in the sense that I enjoy going to Epcot and hanging out. I don’t know if I’m just people watching, I don’t know what I’m doing there, but apparently I am not soaking in the culture like it was intended by the Imagineers. So I got some work to do, huh?

Theresa 12:14

Jane 12:16
I’m gonna chime in here. I have done all of those things, with the exception of the China movie, which was on my list. But in some senses, you’re not missing anything, Patty.

Theresa 12:33
Strongly disagree.

Jane 12:36
We talked about going into Japan, just so we could look at what items we were not going to purchase out of their store. And going into Morocco, the great thing about Morocco is they have characters in there. And there’s so many good Instagram walls.

Patty 12:54
<laughing> Characters in Morocco, poor Theresa.

Theresa 13:01
Okay, so I have met Aladdin and Jasmine in Morocco, but they make sense there. I’m not thrilled about it, but they do make sense there. Like, I get it. So…but oh. I am just… I am so sad.

Jane 13:16
Get used to it Theresa, because it’s going to be a whole new world now.

Patty 13:20
Ouch. But yeah, when I started making my list, I was like, “ooh. Oh. Oh, alright.” So you may not like cheese, but apparently I don’t like Epcot. So can we just call it even?

Theresa 13:34
Apparently. This is going to be like the continuation of the last time that we were at Walt Disney World together, where I did get to introduce you to something for the first time.

Patty 13:44
That’s true. That’s true. Back in October, I could have added to the list never have I ever been to Country Bears. But Theresa took me in.

Theresa 13:56
<laughing> And I watched her face the whole time.

Jane 14:01
What a big thank you. <laughter>

Theresa 14:07
You were like, “Okay, this is cute. I like this.” And then as the songs keep going, you just had this look and you’re like, “What? What is happening? What are they singing now?”

Patty 14:20
All I could keep thinking of is all the kids that were in attendance listening to the show and the WTF that was on my face was clear and apparent, because it got weird, y’all. If you haven’t been to the Country Bears that place is weird.

Jane 14:38
It is very weird.

Patty 14:40
Right? And if ever they should serve alcohol in the Magic Kingdom, it should be at the Country Bears. <laughter>

Jane 14:46
Yes, agreed.

Patty 14:49
Anywho. So yeah, Theresa, you have plenty to take me on the next time we are at Disney World together.

Theresa 14:55
I’m very excited. We’re going to do all of it.

Patty 14:58
All right. All of it. Okay, who’s next?

Theresa 15:01
Alright, so continuing with the theme of things that I’ve never been to, I was going to say that I’d never been in the Cinderella Castle Suite, which I know most people haven’t. But then I was thinking and I’ve never actually been inside Cinderella Castle. I’ve walked through the the center area when it’s open, but I’ve never done Cinderella’s Royal Table. I’ve never done the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. And like I said, I’ve never done the Castle Suite. So I’ve never actually gone inside of the castle.

Jane 15:32
I’ve eaten there.

Patty 15:33
Yeah, I’ve eaten there too. So I’m drinking. I’ve eaten there a couple of times, actually. And my daughter did Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, too. So I’ve been inside, I guess both sides of the Castle, and then obviously right down the middle.

Jane 15:53
I’ve been there. It’s been a while since I’ve eaten there. But obviously I’ve never done Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, I guess it’s called.

Patty 16:03
It is called that. Yep. Well they do have it for adults, but it’s not Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, it’s Character Couture and I’ve done that too.

It’s not the same, but I think you can make it kind of the same. When I went, I totally cosplayed it, and it was ridiculous. My look was not something that I would actually wear, except that I was going to the opening of Toy Story Land. So it was very character driven, costumey looking compared to glamorous or cute or princessy, I guess. But if anybody wants any information on Character Couture, I will put some links in show notes, if you are curious about the adult Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, as I like to call it. And you like to Google it as that, so I call it that. All right. Jane, what about you? What’s your next never have I ever?

I know, but it’s not the same.

Okay, Never have I ever eaten at Tusker House or Yak and Yeti.

Theresa 17:07
I’ve done Tusker House, I’ve not done the sit down Yak and Yeti. I’ve done the counter service.

Patty 17:12
I’ve done the sit down Yak and Yeti and it was fantastic. I don’t really love the food at Animal Kingdom, but I really like the Yak and Yeti meal that I had. And I don’t think I’ve ever done Tusker House either. We should do that next time I’m in town.

Jane 17:28
I know it’s characters. I love characters.

Patty 17:29
Yeah, exactly. Why haven’t we done this?

Theresa 17:31
That was another one that I did. I haven’t done a lot of character meals, just because I feel a little awkward doing them without kids. So I went when I had my nephews with me, and yeah, we all loved it. It was adorable.

Jane 17:43
You can also take me.

Theresa 17:44
I would go again. Well see, now I know that. But I would go again, I thought the food there was really good too, and very different from what you would typically get at a Disney buffet.

Patty 17:54
So I’ve heard one of the planning tips that is out there – and I haven’t obviously done it myself because I just admitted that I haven’t eaten at Tusker House. But one of the suggestions that we have given to folks who are planning their advanced dining reservations, is that if you hit the sweet spot – if you get a 10:30 reservation at Tusker House, then at 11, it swaps over from the breakfast buffet to the lunch buffet. And so for one price, you can go back and eat both meals. You can have your breakfast foods when you show up, and then your second run to the buffet, if you time it right, is after they swap over. I was like, “that’s pretty smart. I think I might want to try that.” So you could try two menus in one if you time it right.

Theresa 18:43
It sounds like we’ve settled on the first plan that we will have for whenever we do our official No-Guilt Disney Walt Disney World trip.

Patty 18:54
Done, we’re going to Tusker House.

Theresa 18:56
We agreed on something, yayyyy! <laughter>

Patty 19:01
Alright, I am going to switch over to some Disneyland action here. And I went through all of the Disneyland attractions, trying to see if there’s anything that I haven’t done. And I gotta say, when it comes to Disneyland, I’ve done everything there except been in the Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes at Disneyland, because that looks like you’re working. Why would I work on vacation? I’ll run 13.1 miles around the parks, but I don’t want to get in the canoe and do that with a bunch of strangers.Have have either one of you been on that?

Jane 19:41
I’ve done it.

Theresa 19:42

Jane 19:43
And I was like, why am I doing this work? This is ridiculous.

Theresa 19:47
Oh, I loved it. It was so much fun. The first couple of trips I’d gone, it wasn’t operating because two of them, or one of them, was when they were redoing it because of Star Wars Land. They were redoing the waterway. But so when I was there during D23 Expo, a friend and I went. I was just like, I really want to do this, I’ve never gone, it’s finally running, I want to go on. When we were there, the Cast Member doing it was hilarious, and in a very like deadpan tone, I thought he was being serious, he was talking about it and said, “Now we’re gonna do a 45 minute ride in the canoes!” And we’re just like, “Huh? What?” I was apologizing to my friend. I was like, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know!” <Patty laughs> And for anybody wondering, it is not actually 45 minutes, I am a little gullible at times.

Patty 20:42
I would have peaced right out of that boat. Nope, nope. Not 45 minutes, it’s not arm day. So do you like it? Is it fun?

Theresa 20:53
Yeah, it was fun, minus the small child in front of me whose parents were not watching her super closely, as to how she was rowing, and so I got splashed a little bit. But also she’s a child, so she was having fun. It was fine. I would do it again.

Patty 21:11
All right, well maybe next time at D23 Expo I will get my booty in one of those canoes. But yeah, that’s the only attraction at Disneyland. Finally, once I braved up and rode Guardians of the Galaxy and rode the Incredicoaster, because I was scared of both of those. Yes, I’m in my 40s and I was scared. But once I braved up and I’ve done them, now they’re my two favorite attractions over there, absolutely love them. But other than that, it’s the canoes. It’s the only thing I haven’t done.

Jane 21:40
Really? I had on my list from over there The Goldens Zephyrs, that swinging thing?

Patty 21:49
Oh, it’s fun. I like that one.

Jane 21:50
Oh, yeah, no.

Theresa 21:53
Hard pass.

Patty 21:54
Do you ride the swings?

Jane 21:56
No, no.

Patty 21:57
The swings are a little bit more intense than that Golden Zephyr thing, but the Golden Zephyr definitely has…I mean, it’s mild thrills. If you think about it too much, it’ll freak you out.

Theresa 22:08
Incredicoaster is really the only thing [in Pixar Pier] I will do. And I’ll do the wimpy version of Mickey’s Fun Wheel. But I will not do the terror cars of swinging death.

Patty 22:24
I like those but it’s always such a crapshoot on who you’re going to ride with. I wrote once with somebody who I thought was joking around about being really scared and being upset, because he and his friends were – I thought – playing it up. And by the end, he was in full mode panic attack. And the mom in me wanted to just hug him and be like, “It’ll be okay, we’ll get you off this thing!” But I also felt terrible because I’d been laughing at him because I thought they were joking around at first. It was awful. So I avoid that just because I don’t want to make the mistake of riding with somebody who does freak out, and I don’t handle it appropriately, because I’m socially awkward at times. But I like the ride, it doesn’t bother me. I’m really weird, certain things bother me. Like, I won’t go on big roller coasters that I can see. Which is why I didn’t go on Incredicoaster for a long time, because I could see it, but I would ride Rock n’ Roller Coaster every time I go to Disney, because I can’t see it. So somebody can probably shrink me and tell me why I’m the way I am.

Theresa 23:34
I don’t know if we have time for that. <laughter>

Patty 23:36
That’s a whole other podcast. Um, alright, so who’s up who’s up next? Where are we?

Theresa 23:42
Is it Jane?

Jane 23:43
Is it me again?

Theresa 23:44
I think so.

Jane 23:47
Never have I ever taken a VIP tour.

Theresa 23:54
I have not.

Patty 23:55
I have to drink on this one, but with a caveat. So I have been able to tour Disneyland a couple of times with a VIP tour guide, but it was as part of a press tour. So it wasn’t the full, all day experience. It was just for three or four hours each time. So I don’t know what a regular tour is like. But I will tell you, it was awesome. And these dudes can walk fast. They were like, “we’ll walk as fast or as slow as you want us to.” And we were like, “Oh, no, we want to get everything in there.” So they said “all right,” and they put the jets on, and we’re running basically all over Disneyland to try to get everything in, because we only had a couple of hours. There were certain things that we were there for that we needed to cover as part of the press tour, but the rest of it was…they were like, “first get this stuff done, and then after that we can go ride on anything you want.” And that was legit what we got to do. It was pretty cool.

Theresa 24:57
I think the closest I’ve gotten to that was D23 Expo, not the not the one that just happened, but the one before it. I was with some friends, and one of them was on a panel. So I got to walk back with them after they were done, and we were talking to people. To get to the next spot, rather than having to walk through the crowds, we kind of went backstage and they had a Plaid with them. So I got to ride on a golf cart through the tunnels of the Anaheim Convention Center, and I passed Mandy Moore and a golf cart underneath the convention center. So that was my brief moment of being with someone in Plaid and VIP. It was about 20 minutes. Super fancy.

Patty 25:40
Well that’s exciting. All right, so is it me? Am I up?

Theresa 25:47
Sure, go ahead.

Patty 25:49
Alright, so never have I ever been in the Tiki Room in Walt Disney World. I have been in the one at Disneyland. But I have not bothered to go to the one at Walt Disney World.

Theresa 26:04
I’ll say Disneyland is better. But I did have on mine, never have I ever been in the Tiki Room and not sung along with it. <laughter>

Jane 26:17
I don’t think I’ve ever been to the one at Disneyland, because I won’t waste my time when I’m on vacation.

Patty 26:30
That’s where Theresa and I have our little nostalgia, I think we were both like, “But Walt had a hand in the animatronics. It’s the original.” All of that draws me in. And you know what, sometimes it’s hot and you need a place to sit and chill for 20 minutes.

Theresa 26:48
With a Dole Whip.

Patty 26:52
With a Dole Whip in one hand and my phone charger in the other. But yeah, I’ve never been to the one at Disney World.

Jane 27:03

Theresa 27:04
I feel like that one is slightly more necessary at times, just because it always seems to me that the crowds are worse in Florida. Or maybe it’s just a combination of the crowds and the humidity. But I always do like Tiki Room regardless, but I especially like it there when I just need a break from from everyone around me. I’m like, “let’s go into some air conditioning and wait for lines to go down a little bit. Wait for people to disperse.”

Patty 27:31
Fair enough. Fair enough. All right, well with the tiki tiki tiki tiki room in your head, we are going to wrap this one up and and take off the Never Have I Ever which….I don’t know, Theresa, you talking to me? Are you still mad?

Theresa 27:48
We’ll see how how many attractions I can get to to go on next time. If I take you there and you stop in Mexico, I might get a little mad.

Patty 27:58
I don’t think you’re playing it right. I think you need to stop me in Mexico, get me a couple of margaritas, and then I’ll be ready.

Theresa 28:05
I’ll go buy you the cheese that I’m not going to eat from the France pavilion.

Patty 28:08
That’s right, that’s right. And then I’ll be happy as a clam and we can go see all the movies and go into all the stores and I’ll be fine.

I do want to see the new Canada one because the Schitt’s Creek connection. Which I understand, they play it straight and it’s not supposed to be funny or anything like that. I adore Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara, so just knowing that they had a hand in it, it’s my little mini crossover of my fan girl dreams.

Theresa 28:16
Well, I know you’re going to be super excited to go watch the new Canada one!

And this is how we get Patty excited about Epcot.

Patty 28:41
That’s right. See, characters! you put characters in there! <laughter>

Jane 28:46
That’s what I’m talking about.

Patty 28:48
Moira and Johnny Rose are in Canada, so yeah – I’m excited to go to Canada now. All right, well, thanks so much for hanging out and playing Never Have I Ever with us. And if you have an idea for another game or another segment or anything like that, ask Jane what our email address is.

Theresa 29:06
Hey Jane, what’s out email address?

Jane 29:08
You can email us at [email protected].

Theresa 29:16
Good job!

Patty 29:18
You did it, I’m so proud of you. <laughter> You’re doing amazing sweetie.

Theresa 29:26
And be sure to join us each week on the No-Guilt Disney Podcast, because as Patty likes to say:

Patty 29:32
It’s no fun to fangirl Disney alone.

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